In this session we will create an Power App that will allow users to checkin their location. We will then create a Flow that will take that location and write to a Power BI data source and refresh it. We will then create a Power BI report that will display the data on a map.

Power Apps is a great tool that allows you to create a desktop or mobile app with minimal coding. The app we are creating in this session uses the Bing location services to get the users location when a button is pressed.

Microsoft Power Automate is similarly a tool that allows you to create data flows and logic with minimal coding. The flow we create in this session will take the location and user information and write it to an Excel file on Onedrive for Business and refresh a Power BI data set. This will mean that the data will be visible in the Power BI report almost as soon as the user presses the checkin button.

Power BI is a self-service reporting tool that allows you to connect to multiple data sources and mash up data into a beutiful report or dashboard. In the report we will create in this session we will connect to a Excel file with the location information in it and display it in a report including the location on a map.

This is a fun session aimed at introducing the capabilities and interoperability of the Power Platform to the audience.

The audience will take away useful information about Power Apps, Power Automate and Power BI including all the code created during this demo.